Business Broking Services

Business Broking - the pathway to buying or selling a business is a complex and critical one that involves making decisions that will influence your personal financial situation for many years to come. Getting it right is critical - and having a team of experienced Advisors to guide you is essential. @ap-realty has a business network that has all of the necessary skills to assist you every step of the way.

Market Appraisal (Selling)

  • Review of financial accounts
  • Presenting the Business model
  • Business & marketing system review
  • Industry comparisons benchmarks
  • Sell price recommendations
  • Maximising business value
  • Business & Marketing Plan & develop the Information Memorandum

Commercialisation and / or Franchise Strategy

  • Review commercialisation/franchise potential, viz:
    • Unique products and/or services
    • Exclusive supplier arrangements
    • Current competitive positioning
    • Barriers to future entry
    • Extent of current and/or potential systemisation of business
  • Assess potential market for commercialisation/franchising
  • Establish potential commercialisation/franchise scope including offerings and geography
  • Develop potential financial business model including cost of franchise, price of products and services, revenue commissions as well as the cost to launch the product/franchise
  • Identify financing options (debt and equity)
  • Identify key actions such as IP protection, securing commercial arrangements etc
  • Develop implementation plan

Strategic Acquisitions (Business Building)

  • Identify financial and non-financial objectives of acquirer
  • Identify post merger integration strategy
  • Identify "ideal" target based on size, industry and geography
  • Undertake targeted search
  • Facilitate acquisition
  • Successful acquisition of target business