Alyson Eady
Alyson Eady
Sales Professional

In the service industry, expectations change with time, and of course since the introduction of the Internet, prospective buyers have many more tools at their fingertips. In real estate sales I am firmly of the belief that we don’t really SELL a person a home; we sell solutions – we help them work out the type of property that they need or want and then we help them to BUY that property… during this process we gain their trust by offering clients genuine researched choices that will fulfill their needs, dreams and expectations. During my 12 years in real estate I have worked in every facet of our business – administration, property management and sales… wow, what a learning curve but most importantly, learning to listen to a client’s needs still rates first and second on my list.

If you are looking for fast-talking real estate hype – I’m not for you… however, if you do want professional advice, accurate market information and honest feedback – give me a call.