Carolyn James
Business Development Manager

Good qualities alone don’t always make a top agent – they also need to be able to blend their vision with execution. Carolyn is a big-picture person who has the ability to get
things done! She talks the talk but also walks the walk.

Top agents need to be problem-solvers – Carolyn has an analytical mind and she constantly demonstrates an ability to solve problems creatively. She thinks outside the square. Top agents work long hours – Carolyn is on call for her clients 24/7 and understands that property sales can sometimes be a thankless and gruelling task. There is no room for clock-watchers in this business. Top agents build relationships – Carolyn is one of those special people who can combine great sales performance and build lasting client relationships. She asks for the sale every time. Top agents make complex issues simple – Carolyn gets to the lowest common denominator fast, cuts to the chase with her “no nonsense” style while others are procrastinating.

We need to be constantly reminding ourselves that in the real estate sales process you never get a second chance to make a first impression so your choice of Agent is a very
important first-step. Appoint Carolyn as your Director of First Impressions – you won’t be disappointed!