Chris Yearbury
Sales Professional

Chris has lived in the Centenary Suburbs with his wife and family for the past 33 years. He has a keen interest in real estate and investing and has purchased and sold a number of investments over
the last 20 years. It is with this experience and interest in all things real estate that Chris decided to make a career change and become a licenced real estate agent in 2016.

Chris has had a long and successful career in sales/marketing/finance. From 1999 to 2016, Chris worked for BMW and Mercedes Benz selling and marketing new vehicles and eventually working
for Mercedes Benz Financial services financing the Luxury brand. This gave him 16 years of face to face negotiations, and selling to a very discerning and demanding clientele. He distinguished
himself in this arena and was consistently rated in the top 10 sales professionals in Australia.

In 2016 Chris decided to break away from the Luxury Vehicle arena to become a licenced real estate agent working in Forest Lake and surrounding areas. Chris has shown over his sales career that he is committed to achieving the best results for his clients, using proven sales and marketing skills that have been developed at the highest level over many years of face to face sales.

Away from work, Chris enjoys time spent with family and friends, taking in the latest sports including the NRL, cricket, rugby, motor sports and golf. He is keen to get out and play a round of
golf as often as work permits.