Divan de Beer
Licensed Real Estate Agent

    Divan de Beer is a highly regarded member of the award-winning AP-Realty Sales & Marketing Team.
    A qualified real estate professional since 2008, his involvement spans all aspects of residential sales
    and marketing including; property appraisals, development feasibilities, project funding, small lot
    project feasibilities and strategies to leverage value through design, project management, project
    marketing and sales.

    Divan has a network of builders and developers with whom he has worked for the last 15 years –
    providing residential house & land packages and light commercial / industrial investment opportunities.
    Where packages are to be constructed he becomes your “feet on the ground” and oversees the
    process through to completion for you. When the packages are complete he will then arrange for
    tenants to be secured.

    Divan has a unique pipeline of investment stock available now – before it hits the market..!!
    As we approach the end of the worst economic period in 100 years many of us have come to the
    realization that the world, and in particular, investment markets have changed forever.

    Whilst there has been enormous pain and challenge throughout the world as a result of the COVID-19
    Pandemic there are now opportunities emerging that we have never experienced before.

    Our property investment and Buyers Agency service has been designed to get clients “investment
    ready” before they put their loan funds or investment capital at risk… our aim is to create a roadmap
    for you that will ensure your future success as a property investor.

    Give him a call now to discuss your requirements – you won’t be disappointed.