Written by Cara Fitzgerald | 11 February 2024

Put simply, a smart home is a smart choice. Australians have embraced the concept, with nearly two thirds of households having at least one smart home product. Unfortunately it won’t fold your laundry, but it will know your habits better than your nosy neighbour! From fridges that help with the shopping and meals to lights and aircon that respond when you open the garage after work, a smart home is the IQ boost you need to consider.

A smart home contains internet-connected devices that enable us to remotely, rather than physically, access and use the systems and appliances we have in it. With this basic definition in mind, let’s look at some of the most common smart home products and why we should have them.

Smart home technology. Smart phone at ready to controll numerous smart technologes in hte home.

What are common smart home products?

Smart appliances

Appliances are becoming smarter all the time; they offer a level of convenience and comfort potential home buyers will reward you for. Ovens, microwaves and washing machines can all ping your phone when something is cooked or the washing cycle has finished. Imagine a home where your coffee machine has brewed you a fresh cup right as your alarm signals your rise and shine, a refrigerator that creates your shopping list and suggests dinner options based on what’s inside, and lights and air conditioning that adjust to your pre-sets when you mutter the words “I’m going to bed”.


When it comes to safeguarding your castle, security is critical, and smart home technology is enhancing this aspect significantly. There’s no longer a need to give your house cleaner or house sitter a key, a smart lock will allow you to set a time-limited passcode entry for the hours and days needed.

Properties equipped with the VIPs of protection, such as smart locks, keyless entry, video doorbells, alarms systems and cameras that spring to life at the hint of motion, all provide both peace of mind and a considerable selling advantage.

Lighting and temperature control

Smart lighting and temperature control is like giving your home a PhD in meteorology.

Smart lights that turn on and off, or dim with the sunset, offer both convenience and a customisable ambiance. These lights can also be programmed to simulate an occupied house when you’re away, adding a layer of security which can be an attractive selling point.

Smart air conditioning, fans and more recently smart thermostats, not only provide homeowners with personalised comfort but also contribute to energy efficiency. The prospect of a home that adapts to your preferences and routines while optimising the temperature for both comfort and cost-effectiveness, is a compelling added value for potential buyers.

Home entertainment

Imagine syncing together your smart TVs, streaming devices and speakers so that your home entertainment system effectively dances to your every command. The ability to control your home’s entertainment system through your smartphone or by voice commands adds a layer of sophistication that appeals to modern sensibilities, potentially increasing the market value of your property.

Health and wellness

When wellbeing meets innovation, fitness trackers and health monitors become seamlessly woven into the fabric of your home, all working together to elevate your overall wellness. Smart workout mirrors and trainers mean it’s not just a living space; it’s where your health takes centre stage in the smartest way possible.

Should I have a smart home?

Smart home features are no longer mere additions, but integral components influencing the market value of properties. As technology continues to advance, so too is the demand for it, making homes that offer these innovations at sale time more likely to be at the front of the real estate market.

Beyond the convenience and modern allure, these tech-savvy upgrades have a tangible impact on a property’s market value. The top benefits a smart home provides includes:

  • convenience
  • customisation
  • energy efficiency
  • safety and security
  • cost savings in the long term
  • sustainability
  • accessibility options for people with disabilities
  • increased home value.

Smart home technology is not just an inclusion needed in high-end homes. Demand for smart homes continues to grow and many buyers now have an eye on the existing smart home products that come included in the homes they’re choosing between. Start with basic items such as smart plugs, smart bulbs and switches, as they’re quick to set up and can easily automate many different things around the house, then add more devices such as security systems and appliances to the mix as your budget allows.

Would you like some advice on what smart home technology buyers in your area are looking for? Give us a call! Your local real estate agent knows what buyers are demanding in the current market and can provide you with personal advice that’s specific to your home.

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