Written by Cara Fitzgerald | 15 May 2024

If your bathroom is looking old and run down, look no further than these budget-friendly DIYs. Whether you have ugly tiles, bland walls or not enough storage, these easy projects will breathe new life into any lacklustre bathroom. Plus, updating your bathroom is a ‘big bang for your buck’ renovation, so it’s a sure-fire way to increase the value of your home. Roll up your sleeves – it’s time to fall in love with your bathroom!

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Updates. Couple standing infront of their bathroom imagining the possibilitie sof a new make-over.

Easy, budget-friendly bathroom updates you can do in a weekend

Simply, paint

Revamping your bathroom with a coat of paint is an absolute must. Imagine tranquil blues, serene greens, or crisp whites crafting a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Select a wall paint specifically intended for bathrooms to ensure it can withstand moisture and steam for a finish that will last for years to come.

If you want to ‘level up’ even more with the brush, consider painting the tiles and bathtub – it’s a cost-effective way to make your bathroom look like new, without the need for a full renovation. For a long-lasting result you wish you had thought of sooner, purchase a high-quality paint that is formulated for these surfaces.

Re-tile your vanity splashback

Instead of tiling the entire bathroom, consider just re-tiling the splashback behind your vanity to create a stunning accent using pebble tiles, kit kat tiles or even mosaics. With modern, new tiles and fresh clean grout, this is an easy DIY project that will create such a statement.

Vanity makeover

Give your bathroom vanity a custom makeover by replacing the cabinet doors and hinges. Keeping your existing vanity carcass, if it’s in good condition, keeps this DIY simple and will significantly save on costs. Check out your local hardware store for off-the-shelf cabinet doors you could pick up tomorrow.

Swap out the handles

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference changing out cabinet handles and drawer knobs can make. Modern pulls, coastal inspired handles, or knobs that add a touch of nostalgia make the choices endless – just be sure to measure your existing hardware before buying replacements to ensure they line up with the existing holes.

Install a new mirror

Upgrade your mirror with something more contemporary and in keeping with the feel of the bathroom you’re going for. Whether it’s a sleek design, art deco or vintage-inspired, a new mirror can reflect personality and instantly elevate your bathroom’s look. Mirrors with eye-level storage behind are such a practical choice that has strong buyer appeal.

Update the more permanent fittings

Over time, taps, shower heads, towel rails and curtain rods can start to show their age, but replacing outdated fixtures with clean, contemporary options is a relatively easy and inexpensive change that will give your bathroom some new sparkle. Look for water-wise products to save water and reduce your utility bills while you’re at it.

Lighting matters

Good lighting can make all the difference. Balance ceiling lights and natural light from a window with functional and flattering options positioned around the mirror and sink area. Well-placed lighting that doesn’t cast shadows is important for applying makeup or shaving. Wall sconces, overhead light bars or an illuminated mirror are stylish options to consider.

Look for new storage opportunities

If your bathroom lacks much need storage, you’re just a few screws away from an easy solution. Hang some floating shelves above the toilet or beside the vanity to hold spare towels and toiletries. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can maximise every inch of space in your bathroom and minimise clutter – a vanity mirror with built in storage is a clever choice. If you’re handy with the tools, then consider building a recessed nook or cabinet in between the wall studs to display accessories or store toiletries.

Repurpose old furniture

Instead of buying a new vanity or storage cabinet, repurpose old furniture to add character to your bathroom. Transform an antique dresser into a stylish vanity, convert a vintage ladder into a towel rack or sand back an old stool and place it beside the bath for on-trend design look.

Upgrade your shower curtain or screen

You can’t take your eyes off a grungy shower curtain with tarnished hooks or a rickety, soap-stained shower screen. For a cheap fix, simply replace the curtain and hooks, but if you have some money left in the bathroom budget, replacing an aluminium framed shower screen with frameless glass is a mini-investment with big impact.

Add some life

Bring the outdoors in! Not only will potted plants add texture and a pop of green, but they will also help purify the air. Ferns, peace lilies, orchids and spider plants all top the list of plants which thrive in low-light, high-humidity environments, making them a no-fail pick for a bathroom – no green thumbs required!


Before you call an end to the weekend, don’t underestimate the power of finishing touches when it comes to sprucing up your bathroom. Colour coordinated towels and bathmats, woven storage baskets and matching dispenser bottles for your soaps and lotions, will tie the whole room together and make it look ‘high end’.

Try your hand at some, or all, of these simple DIY bathroom projects to give your bathroom a quick facelift without breaking the bank. Set aside a weekend and get ready to transform your bathroom into not only a space you’ll love spending time in, but also one that could add big dollars come sale time!

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