Written by Cara Fitzgerald | 24 April 2024

Transforming your rental from a plain Jane into a stunner sounds almost impossible when faced with the usual restrictions of no painting and no drilling, plus the need to keep everything temporary – but don’t let this put you off! You can inject personality and style into your rental without risking your bond. Follow our quick and easy design tips for renters to spruce up your home and turn it from drab to fab.

Design tips for renters. Coffee table infront of white couch with decorative elements on top. Blocks in foreground spelling home.

Design tips for renters

Change things up with removable wallpaper

If you’re going to be renting your place for a while, removable wallpaper could be the game-changer you hadn’t previously considered. Gone are the days of it being a permanent decision, wallpaper is now easy to apply and remove, and it doesn’t leave any residue behind. Whether you want to create a single accent wall or cover an entire room, removable wallpaper is such an impressive way to level up your space when painting is off limits.

Befriend Command hooks and strips

Command hooks and strips are the best buddies of any renter when you’re not allowed to drill holes! They can hold practically anything without causing any damage – think photos, artwork, mirrors and plants. Arrange an art gallery wall or framed photo collage to create interest in any room or down the hallway. It’s as simple as choosing the right type of hook or strip based on the weight of the items you want to hang, then using a spirit level to line everything up.

Roll out some style with floor rugs and runners

From stained carpets to cheap vinyl and outdated tiles, the flooring in rental properties very often disappoints. Investing in floor rugs and runners will not only hide a multitude of sins, they will also add immediate warmth and texture to your home. Mix and match different textures and patterns to uniquely define each of your spaces and add colour. Remember, rugs are not just for your living room – style them under your beds, roll out a runner down the hallway, and spice up your kitchen with a machine washable runner too!

Vary the mood with lighting

Many rentals are fitted out with cheap and nasty light fixtures, which dramatically influences the mood of your home. Fortunately, however, this is an easy problem to overcome by bringing in your own floor lamps and table lamps for living rooms and bedrooms as well as some LED candles (or the real deal!) to create a cosy ambiance in the evenings. Hang festoon lights or string lights to jazz up your outdoor entertaining area.

Add a touch of nature

A trip to the garden nursery will literally breathe new life into your rental. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are plenty of low-maintenance (virtually indestructible) indoor plants like Zanzibar Gem, Sansevieria and Devil’s Ivy that will make a statement. Use plant stands or hang planters from the ceiling with Command hooks to add vertical interest to your rooms or if floor space is an issue.

Maximise storage with multi-functional furniture

Efficient use of space is crucial in a rental, so choose multi-functional furniture that doubles as storage. Ottomans with lift up lids, beds with drawers, and coffee tables with shelves are all pieces that serve multiple purposes and help to keep your space uncluttered – which is high on any designer’s checklist.

Restyle with new throw pillows and blankets

One of the simplest ways to add some oomph to a room is to swap out your throw pillows and blankets. They’re also easily changeable with seasons or trends, making them perfect for keeping your design fresh. Mix patterns, colours and textures to add depth and interest.

Window treatments to the rescue

Many rentals come with blinds that lack character or functionality. Adding curtains over the top can bring colour, texture, and warmth to any room. Opt for tension rods, which require no drilling, to hang your curtains. Choose light-filtering options to keep rooms bright while providing privacy or blockouts if you need to add a layer of insulation from the sun. Updating your window coverings can dramatically alter the aesthetic of your home, injecting both style and functionality.

Use mirror magic

Mirrors are not only functional, but they also make your rooms feel larger and brighter by reflecting light. Place mirrors strategically across from windows or in dark corners to maximise their effect. Lean a large mirror against a wall for a stylish look that requires no installation.

With these quick and easy design tips, your rental doesn’t have to be restrictive or boring. You can easily turn your rental from drab to fab, creating a space that feels both stylish and homely.

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