Written by Cara Fitzgerald | 26 December 2023

Wind back the clock to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and many of us had to make do working with a laptop on the dining table. But with the work from home era seemingly cemented as a workforce standard, significant debate around the right allocation of space in your home to achieve the best sale price exists – should bedrooms take precedence, or is a dedicated home office now a must-have? Let’s take a look at the preferences that currently resonate with home buyers.

Bedroom versus home office. Office furniture setup under stairs for a home office.

Bedroom versus home office – What do buyers want?

Buyers growing needs

Buyers are increasingly seeking homes that offer the flexibility to accommodate professional work within the confines of a comfortable and productive environment. Larger living areas, home office space and bigger backyards are all on home buyer’s bucket lists as the whole family spends more time at home than ever before.

Bedrooms can be a deal breaker

Bedrooms remain the key factor influencing property decisions. Bedrooms that are not spacious and well-designed, can be a deal-breaker for many buyers, as they seek a retreat from the demands of their daily lives. Similarly the number of bedrooms you have in your home is crucial – homes with more bedrooms sell for more on average.

Home office demand is real

An absolute (and growing) need exists for home offices that are separate from family living areas. Buyers are looking for properties with an enclosed study, but if you don’t have the option of dedicating an entire existing room as a home office, you can still create a productive atmosphere that will tick a home buyer’s box.

Think creatively to transform a hallway nook, storage cupboard or space under the stairs into a dedicated mini office. This value-adding manoeuvre is where the unlocked potential of your home value lies. If the space you can allocate has windows, it will fetch you even more come selling time, but the point to remember is that the pandemic has changed what people want from their homes to the extent that you can’t afford not to accommodate this demand.

Strike a balance

As buyer preferences continue to evolve, properties that offer a thoughtful balance between the two, are likely to stand out in the competitive market. Homes featuring versatile spaces that can easily transform from a home office to a guest bedroom. or vice versa, have secured popularity as the ideal home configuration. This flexibility of space has become a key selling point, with homes that can adapt to future changes in work dynamics being confirmed as a smart investment.

Put simply, buyers are increasingly drawn to homes that offer a dedicated work space (of some kind), while maintaining the maximum number of spacious bedrooms as possible.

Still undecided about which room will add the most value to your home? Let’s chat! Your local real estate agent knows what buyers are demanding in the current market and can provide you with personal advice that’s specific to your home.

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