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Smart home technology. Smart phone at ready to controll numerous smart technologes in hte home.

What is a smart home and should I have one?

Explore the benefits, convenience, and value it adds to your property. From appliances to security systems, find out how smart technology transforms homes. Start your smart home journey!
Buying a house or apartment. Ap-realty showcase wall of available properties.

Features to consider when buying a house or apartment

While finding the perfect house or apartment necessitates thoughtful reflection of your own personal criteria, we’ve put together a list of standard features that should prove pivotal in guiding your decision-making process.
Deciding what home buyers really want. Two people at a table looking through home and furniture inspiration photos and colour schemes.

What home buyers really want when searching for a new property

Understanding the changing preferences of home buyers and what attracts them to a property can be a challenge. Let’s explore the key features that emerge as the essential building blocks of what home buyers really want in their search for a new property.
Bedroom versus home office. Office furniture setup under stairs for a home office.

Bedroom versus home office

What's the right allocation of space in your home to achieve the best sale price. Let's take a look at the preferences that currently resonate with home buyers.
Autumn, winter, spring and summer

When is the best time of the year to sell my home to get maximum price?

Your local real estate market is influenced by a number of factors, so identifying the ideal time to list your property for sale can make a substantial difference to your outcome. Let's explore the best time of the year to sell your home and why.
Moving house checklist. Woman standing infront of packing boxes while holding a checklist.

The Best Moving House Checklist

We’ve put together the ultimate moving house checklist, to help make sure you’ve got the important things covered in the lead-up to moving day.
Change of address checklist. Close up of desk showing hands holding a phone and the other using a pen to update a checklist.

Change of address checklist

We’ve put together this change of address checklist to help you update your address with everyone who needs to know.
How to improve your street appeal

10 Ways To Landscape Your Garden To Improve Your Property’s Street Appeal

Street appeal sets the tone for your house and sets the expectations of your buyers.  Explore valuable ways to help you landscape your garden to improve its appeal, saleability and value.
Sustainable and energy efficient home improvements. House with solor panel on roof, elctic car charging station and windmills

7 Sustainable and Energy Efficient Home Improvements for the Australian Climate

Follow our 7 suggestions for sustainable and energy efficient home improvements specifically tailored for the Australian climate that will earn you both short- and long-term benefits, from immediate savings of utility bills to a price premium when you sell.