Written by Cara Fitzgerald | 14 January 2024

Understanding the changing preferences of home buyers and what attracts them to a property can be a challenge. How are you supposed to know if your house has what home buyers really want? If your house has met your needs up until now, surely it will meet theirs too – or won’t it?

While it’s true that buyers are drawn to homes that align with their desired lifestyles, knowing what those specifics are, can be a difficult task. The good news is, there is a more strategic approach that alleviates this uncertainty – offering a home of good quality with certain features will serve as the canvas on which buyers can adapt to their individual dreams and objectives.

Let’s explore the key features that emerge as the essential building blocks of what home buyers want in their search for a new property.

Deciding what home buyers really want. Two people at a table looking through home and furniture inspiration photos and colour schemes.

Modern kitchens and bathrooms

Fresh and modern finishes in the heart of your home and wet areas is a must – update your kitchen and bathrooms. These areas are unequivocally acknowledged as quintessential features influencing home buying decisions.

Yielding some of the highest returns on investment (ROI), a practical upgrade of kitchens and bathrooms is a highly recommended investment prior to sale – but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out comparable properties in your area to understand the right balance of improvements for your location and market, and upgrade these rooms to a level slightly superior to ensure your home makes a lasting impression without overextending your investment.

Open floor plan

Home buyers often prioritise open floor plans, cherishing the sense of spaciousness and fluidity within their living spaces. This design concept aligns seamlessly with our warm climate, allowing a breezy and interconnected atmosphere throughout your home.

As a seller, consider your current floor plan and determine whether or not it would be worth knocking down a wall or two before putting your property up for sale. Taking out a wall could add value and appeal to your home, especially if that wall separates your kitchen and living rooms.

Dedicated laundry space

A dedicated laundry space is often overlooked by sellers as one of the non-negotiables for many home buyers. Laundries are high on the priority list and buyers will regard it as a huge benefit. Even a small-scale laundry ‘room’ in a hallway closet will attract more buyers and perhaps even higher offers.

Outdoor entertaining areas

Queensland’s outdoor lifestyle demands that homes have inviting outdoor entertaining areas. Whether it’s a deck, patio, or relaxing garden space, buyers seek properties that blend indoor and outdoor living. These spaces are a great selling point as they extend your home’s liveable area and create extra space to entertain family and friends.

Second living area

Families with children want some space to get away from each other without actually being away from each other, so the inclusion of a second living area is often coveted by home buyers. This additional space, whether used for relaxation, entertainment, or as a retreat, will add an extra layer of functionality to your home.

Flexible spaces

Versatility is key, and home buyers appreciate spaces that can adapt to their evolving needs. Rooms designed with flexibility in mind, such as multipurpose areas or convertible spaces, resonate well with buyers. Flexibility of space has become a key selling point, with homes that can adapt to future changes in work dynamics, for example, being confirmed to have solid appeal.

Integrated technology

Our inherent reliance on technology affects our choices in homes. Home buyers expect properties to be integrated with technology and will place a priority on those with strong mobile phone service and internet connectivity. Remotely controlled home features such as Google home, Alexa, smart lighting, smart security, smart aircon and keyless entry, as well as seamless wireless connectivity align with modern lifestyles – sellers should pay proactive attention to this.

Energy efficient attributes

With a heightened awareness of sustainability, energy-efficient attributes play a significant role in the preferences of home buyers. Properties with eco-friendly elements, such as solar panels and energy-efficient appliances, align with the values of environmentally-conscious buyers and help ease the escalating pain of electricity bills and other costs of living.

Enough bedrooms and bathrooms

Queensland, with its diverse demographic, sees varied requirements here. Families prioritise multiple bedrooms, while singles or empty-nesters lean towards more manageable spaces. Home buyers consistently list the influence of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms a property has on their property choices. Keep this fact in mind with other living and work spaces in your home when determining the right allocation of space to achieve the best sale price.

While understanding the preferences of home buyers and what attracts them to a property is important, it can be a challenge. The more reliable focus is in knowing what key features home buyers want, and what you, as a seller, can do to accommodate them in your home.

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